PMO-CC® Certification


Collect Micro-Credentials and show the World your Expertise.


What are Micro-Credentials? 


Micro-credentials have a critical objective in our certification program: to ensure that you truly have expertise in a particular area to the PMO global community.

Instead of a mere series of badges learners can earn, micro-credentials are, in fact, an incredibly effective way to implement a competency-based learning model, which enables businesses to fill specialized skill gaps that traditional credentials might not address.

Employers and customers are most interested in the effective consultant's professional knowledge.

A record of micro-credentials earned offers them a clearer understanding of a consultant's ability to apply knowledge rather than recite it.

PMOGA micro-credentials cover 15 PMO functions and verify, validate, and attest which specific skills, competencies, and experience levels have been achieved.

Our stackable micro-credentials are part of a sequence of micro-credentials that can be accumulated over time and move an individual up a consultant career ladder.


The 18 PMOGA Micro-Credentials 

PMOGA micro-credentials cover a broad spectrum of competencies underpinned by 18 critical PMO services. 
They will take you to a new level of global reputation, boosting your consulting career.


Learn how PMOGA Micro-Credentials are structured


The 15 micro-credentials are divided into three DOMAINS:


Demonstrates competence and experience in designing and setting up the PMO function from scratch. External consultants usually obtain micro-credentials in the Design domain.


Demonstrates competence and experience in the operation and management of a PMO function. PMO Directors, PMO Managers, and PMO staff usually obtain micro-credentials in the Manage domain.


Demonstrates competence and experience in evaluating, reviewing, and improving existing PMOs. External and Internal consultants usually obtain micro-credentials in the Improve domain.

Domains are divided into three COMPETENCE LEVELS, which demonstrate the consultant's level of expertise:


It is necessary to reach the first level of competence to earn a micro-credential. For this, it is required to self-declare experience and obtain reference letters.


To reach the second level, the consultant must present a Case Study to a review panel composed of credential holders.


Finally, to reach the top level of expertise, it is required to be approved in an interview with top-notch consultants who already hold the micro-credential at the maximum level of competence.

How to Become a
World-Class PMO Expert


Achieve the maximum level of competence in the three domains of a mini-credential and become a World-Class Expert in that topic, earning a super credential and a recommended profile in the new PMOGA Consultants Directory.


How to earn a PMOGA Micro-Credential

Learn more about the process to earn PMOGA micro-credential.

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each each domain
of each micro-credential

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each each domain
of each micro-credential

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of each micro-credential




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