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We designed PMOUNCON as a holistic experience rather than a one-off event because we recognize that engagement, personalization, collaboration, continuous learning, and community-building are essential. Just as in the world of 'Customer Experience', these principles turn a 'transaction' into a relationship, a passive attendee into an active participant, and an ephemeral event into an ongoing journey.

PMOUNCON is a thoughtfully designed concept of 'Attendee Experience' that resonates with the real life challenges and needs of the global PMO community. At PMOUNCON, every interaction is designed to provide value, enhancing both the individual and collective experience.

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Learn about the PMOUNCON Stages

Our unconference is designed as a journey through four distinct stages, blending both online and in-person experiences. Join us for this immersive journey that begins with clear planning, builds with virtual learning, peaks with inspiring collaboration in Paris, and concludes with shared insights.


The Agenda Design stage is the first step of the PMOUNCON experience. It is an opportunity to foster collective ownership of the unconference's direction, ensuring it effectively caters to the needs and interests of all attendees. It establishes an environment that encourages active participation, inclusivity, and mutual respect, laying the groundwork for a successful and engaging unconference.

Leveraging the collective intelligence and diverse experiences of the attendees, this virtual stage recognizes the unique perspectives each participant brings to the table, acknowledging them as valuable contributors in shaping the focus and discussion of the unconference.

During this stage, attendees will share their needs, challenges, and experiences related to each unconference topic. Our facilitators will guide the discussion and collaboration, ensuring that all voices are heard and that a diverse array of perspectives is considered. Attendees will contribute their thoughts, comment on others' inputs, and collectively steer the direction of the discussion topics.

The primary outcome of this stage is a participant-driven agenda that resonates with everyone and establishes a strong foundation for deep, meaningful discussions during the subsequent in-person event in Paris.



Knowledge Exchange is the second stage of the PMOUNCON experience. It is an opportunity for attendees to learn from the best in the field, get inspired, and prepare for the in-depth discussions that will take place in Paris.

This stage is designed to equip attendees with a robust layer of knowledge related to the unconference topics, enhancing their readiness and confidence for the in-person unconference sessions in Paris. Its primary aim is to foster a rich learning environment where attendees can absorb invaluable insights from seasoned PMO Leaders and Experts.

It will be conducted virtually, featuring a series of sessions where invited leaders and experts in the PMO field will share their wealth of experiences, best practices, lessons learned, and expert knowledge. These sessions will range from presentations and Q&A sessions to interactive panel discussions and workshops, providing a diverse array of learning opportunities for attendees.

The sharing of real-life experiences, successes, and failures by leaders and experts can inspire attendees, sparking curiosity and driving them to delve deeper into the discussion topics during the in-person sessions in Paris.



Discussion Arena is the central, in-person stage of the unconference, taking place over two days in the vibrant city of Paris, at the esteemed Sorbonne University. The primary objective is to provide a dynamic and interactive platform for attendees to engage in deep discussions, learn from highly experienced and admired PMO Leaders, and inspire each other through the sharing of experiences and challenges.

This stage features a curated blend of keynote and unconference sessions. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to hear from some of the world's most accomplished PMO Leaders and experts, and have the chance to share their real-life challenges, experiences, and insights under the guidance of experienced facilitators.

The Collaborative Discussion Arena stage is about contributing, sharing, and collaborating. Atendees will step into the spotlight to inspire and be inspired, sparking rich discussions that lead to the development of innovative solutions for their organizations.

The outcomes of this stage go beyond acquiring knowledge. Attendees will leave with a newfound understanding and perspective, potential solutions to their challenges, and a network of peers to collaborate with in the future.



Insights Debrief is the final stage of the unconference, designed to encapsulate the key outcomes and learnings from the in-person event and share them with all attendees and the wider community.

This stage is conducted virtually, promoting an open, inclusive environment where everyone can benefit from the collaborative process that unfolded during the unconference.

During this stage, facilitators will debrief the discussions that took place in Paris, dissecting and presenting the key points, conclusions, and innovative solutions that emerged. This isn't just about reporting back but about delving into the essence of these discussions, highlighting the real-world implications and potential impacts these solutions could have on PMOs globally.

The objective of the Collaborative Insight Recap is to ensure that the knowledge and solutions generated during the unconference are not confined to the event but disseminated to a broader audience.

The outcome of this stage is a collective understanding and appreciation of the key discussions, conclusions, and potential solutions generated during the unconference. It acts as a bridge, ensuring that the collaborative spirit, learning, and insights continue to thrive long after the in-person.


What will you find at PMOUNCON?

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The second stage of the PMOUNCON experience is named Knowledge Exchange, where learning and inspiration take center stage.

It aims to equip attendees with robust knowledge related to the unconference topics, we enhance their readiness and confidence for the in-person unconference sessions in Paris.

Conducted online, this stage is an integral part of our attendee's journey, and creates a rich learning environment where attendees can absorb invaluable insights from seasoned PMO Leaders and Experts. 

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