The PMO-CC® Certification


Learn more about the framework that grounds our international certification program for consultants.

The PMO-CC® CERTIFICATION FRAMEWORK is the central reference for the development and assessment of competencies necessary for a consultant to be accredited by the PMO Global Alliance.

It has been developed from extensive research carried out by the PMO Global Alliance with hundreds of consultants worldwide, based on their pains, challenges, needs, and expectations.

The framework is composed of one ESSENTIAL VALUE and four ELEMENTS, which are the framework core and the main reference for our certified consultants' competencies development.

Learn more about the PMO-CC® Certification Framework

Everything you need to become a World-Class PMO Consultant.


Enhance Your Expertise on PMOs and Be Recognized

MY PMO CONSULTING TOOLBOX is the foundation and core model of our framework, focusing on the knowledge and technical experience necessary to build solutions that can deliver effective value to clients. The PMO-CC® certification process seeks to assess and develop advanced technical and consulting skills based on the PMO Value Ring® and other sources of knowledge that can establish a competitive advantage for our credential holders. 

Consulting Skills Maximize Your Experience and Knowledge

Being a successful consultant depends not only on technical knowledge in an area of expertise but also on solid skills that allow the experience and knowledge to be applied to diverse scenarios, creating solutions that fit specific needs and establishing trusting relationships with clients. In our framework, MY CONSULTING SKILLS element covers critical aspects commonly observed among successful consultants, whatever their field of expertise. It also overs how to identify your expertise areas and key skills, as well as gaps for improvement, establishing a structured learning journey.

Your Consultant Journey Supported by an Effective Strategy

One of the main challenges for a consultant is to design and manage their consulting business and profession strategically. In our framework, MY CONSULTING BUSINESS element involves aspects beyond technical knowledge but which are essential to success. It addresses the strategic design of your consulting business, whether offered to internal or external clients, through your own company or consulting firms. Also addresses strategies for identifying your customers, setting personas, mapping needs, and establishing trust-based relationships to generate continued opportunities and sustained results.

How to Plan Your Journey and Boost Your


MY CONSULTING CAREER covers the strategic planning and monitoring of your consulting career, establishing a structured journey that will lead you to your career goals. It also encompasses building, maintaining, and advancing your consultant's reputation locally and globally, expanding visibility, and gaining relevance to strengthen competitiveness.

Great Consultants have Great Values and Great Ethics

ETHICS is at the center of our framework because a successful consultant will only build trust-based relationships through solid and unquestionable ethical behavior. Our PMO-CC® credential holders are guided by a code of conduct aligned with the PMO Global Alliance values and the most important international principles of professional and social responsibility.