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PMO-CP¬ģ Certification

PMO Certified Practitioner


PMO-CP¬ģ¬†is the PMOGA certification aimed at PMO PROFESSIONALS¬†with different levels of experience or NEWCOMERS¬†who want to rethink and refresh¬†their beliefs about PMOs,¬†and expand their knowledge with innovative and advanced practices to set up, assess,¬†manage and improve value-oriented PMOs.

Becoming a PMO-CP¬ģ¬†credential holder means being part of a select group of high-qualified professionals from over¬†80 countries who believe in and share a powerful PMO mindset grounded on the PMO Value Ring¬ģ¬†methodology.


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PMO-CC¬ģ Certification

PMO Certified Consultant

This certification is not currently available


Due to PMI's recent acquisition of PMOGA, the PMO-CC certification is not currently being offered. 

This credential is undergoing an extensive review process to ensure its realignment with PMOGA's new strategies and objectives as an integral part of PMI.

The review is expected to be completed in Q4 of 2024, at which point we will officially communicate any possible changes to the PMO-CC certification process.

Our current PMO-CC credential holders can rest assured, as they will maintain their credentials, and their renewal deadlines will be suspended until the review is concluded.

Please contact [email protected]¬†if you have any additional questions about the PMO-CC credential.


What we Believe about PMO Guides and Standards


If you are looking for quick guides or standards for PMOs, the PMOGA Certification Program is definitely not for you.

The PMO Global Alliance community has over 12,000 members worldwide, and our experience in the trenches makes us believe that no specific PMO model, PMO type, or PMO standard can provide all the answers we need to overcome the PMO challenges.

Instead, we focus on creating competencies to enable our certified professionals to design practical solutions for PMOs to generate effective value for their organizations.

Real-life experience shows that relying on the newest fad PMO model or assuming that it is possible to standardize the complex PMO phenomenon in a simple book are two of the most common and shortest paths to failure.

And don't get us wrong, because we don't say that all those models and proposals are useless or unreliable. On the contrary, we believe that they are valuable points of view - but not the easy answers - that may inspire us to create our own solutions for PMOs in different circumstances.

Whenever you hear about what a successful PMO MUST BE or MUST DO, remember that PMOGA and our certificate holders believe that one of the most important that successful PMOs seem to have in common is that they are (and must be!) different, as they adapt perfectly to the current needs of their organizations.

Based on our global PMO community experience, if there is one statement about PMOs that we could rely on it is that there are no right and wrong paths, but different perspectives and viewpoints that should be mixed up to make each PMO unique, as long as it is fully adapted to its organization and stakeholders' practical needs and expectations. That's what we understand that generating value really means.

Our PMO-CC® and PMO-CP® credential holders believe that the success of PMOs relies on their differences and particular characteristics. They design unique solutions, adapted to each situation, and don't believe in magic pills or standards that seem attractive paths at first glance but barely provide answers to real-world demands.

If you agree with this approach and mindset, our two PMOGA certifications grounded in the collective experience of our global community will surely open your mind, challenge your beliefs about PMOs, and significantly impact your career, as a PMO Leader or Consultant.


Grounded on the World's most practical and widely adopted methodology for Setting up, Assessing, Managing, and Improving PMOs


The PMOGA Certification Program is grounded on the PMO Value Ring® methodology, which has been developed in a 6-year research project led by PMOGA with 120+ seasoned PMO Leaders worldwide, and currently has 10,000+ users in 80+ countries.

The PMOVR suite provides an optional web tool that automates the whole methodology and provides access to a powerful global benchmarking database, providing recommendations based on the collective experience of hundreds of world-class PMO leaders from our global community.


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