PMO-CC® Certification

Application Process 

Start your journey to become a PMO-CC® credential holder.

Applications are accepted for self-paced virtual classes that start at the beginning of each quarter. A 100 USD application fee is charged but it will be deducted from the registration fee on step 4. If the application is not accepted, the applicant can submit a new application within 24 months without any cost.

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PMO-CC® credential holders lead the Review Committee. It is responsible for verifying requirements, the applicants' eligibility, and comparatively selecting the best applications that will be accepted, subject to the limited number of places available in each region.

Within five days of applying, PMOGA will send an email to the applicant with the acceptance or nonacceptance notice. Application acceptance is based on the following criteria: Compliance with pre-requirements; Comparative analysis of the experience and potential of applicants. The acceptance notice message guarantees the applicant's seat for five days to allow the certification process registration.

The applicant has up to five days after PMOGA sends the acceptance notice to register for the certification process by clicking the registration link, which will be sent with the acceptance notice message. If the applicant does not register within this period, the registration priority will shift to the next applicant. Accepted applications that have not been registered within 10 days will be canceled, and the 100 USD application fee will not be refunded or deducted from future new applications.

PMO-CC® Certification Requirements

Learn more about the certification requirements and how they can influence the acceptance of your application by the Review Committee.