PMO-CC® Certification

Preparation Process 

Get ready to successfully earn your certification.

All You Need to Successfully Earn your  PMO-CC® Credential

Learn more about the elements specially designed to ensure candidates' effective learning and knowledge absorption.


40 hours of advanced content to prepare you to succeed in the examination process and in your consultant career.

Your skills must go far beyond the PMO technical aspects if you want to become a successful consultant. Through an extensive 2-year global study in our international PMO community, we have identified the critical elements to support competency development for our certified consultants, which became topics discussed in dozens of video-lessons especially developed to prepare our PMO-CC® credential holders to succeed.

Meet your instructors, clarify questions, and get invaluable insights.

Connect to live mentoring sessions every two weeks and meet your instructors, interact in real-time to clarify questions, get tips and feedback, and discuss critical issues with experienced consultants who can sky-rocket your business and consulting career.

Interact with our team of experts to clarify questions and get support.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts through the PMOGA learning platform, and they will be pleased to support you in any technical need,  clarifying questions, and providing additional explanations on every topic you require.

Meet your peers and learn from the experience of those who have the same goals as you.

The Virtual Learning Community has been designed to allow students to maintain direct contact through the PMOGA learning platform, exchanging experiences and supporting each other in their goal of passing the PMO-CC exam.

Test your knowledge and practice for the PMO-CC Core Exam with our mockup questions.

The PMO-CC® Core Exam has characteristics that make it unique, and no professional or company is authorized to provide mock questions or exams. We will give you precisely what you need to understand the exam structure, allowing you to practice with authentic questions extracted from our questions bank, which randomly generates the official PMO-CC® Core exams.

It's time to take your exam and get certified.

The PMO-CC® examination process consists of two elements: the PMO-CC® Core Exam and the PMO-CC® Challenge Assessment. Together, these two instruments will measure your knowledge and performance as a consultant, allowing you to earn your credential and receive valuable feedback (Only for Full Assessment).

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Preparation Content Outline

Explore the complete content covered in the preparation process, which will be required on the certification exam.

The PMO-CC® Certification Framework guides the exam preparation process, providing the key topics and competency details needed to obtain your credential. Each framework element covers the crucial aspects necessary to prepare leading PMO consultants aligned with the most advanced and latest consulting practices on PMO design, implementation, and operation.



40 hours



(Mandatory for the PMO-CC Core Exam and obtaining the PMO-CC credential)



14 hours

  • LESSON T1 - PMO essential concepts review
  • LESSON T2 - From strategy management to portfolio management
  • LESSON T3 - From portfolio management to project management
  • LESSON T4 - From project management to benefits realization management
  • LESSON T5 - PMO Value Ring methodology review
  • LESSON T6 - PMO Value Ring web tool review
  • LESSON T7 - How to assess client's project management organizational maturity
  • LESSON T8 - How to identify client's real pains and needs, even when they are not said
  • LESSON T9 - How to define whether the PMO is the solution for your client's pains
  • LESSON T10 - How to assess your client's organizational culture and its impact on the PMO
  • LESSON T11 - How to sell a PMO to top executives
  • LESSON T12 - How to identify and manage the causes of resistance to the PMO
  • LESSON T13 - How to check the scenario suitability for the PMOVR suite
  • LESSON T14 - Selling the PMOVR suite benefits for the top executives
  • LESSON T15 - How to act when the PMO is not the solution your client needs
  • LESSON T16 - Selling the PMOVR suite benefits for PMO managers and the middle management
  • LESSON T17 - How to create a winning technical proposal with the PMOVR suite
  • LESSON T18 - How to use the PMOVR suite as a diagnostic tool
  • LESSON T19 - How to use the PMOVR suite to identify and open up consulting opportunities
  • LESSON T20 - How to develop training products with the PMOVR suite
  • LESSON T21 - How to create consulting products with the PMOVR suite
  • LESSON T22 - How to evaluate an existing PMO with the PMOVR suite
  • LESSON T23 - How to identify the signs that a PMO is failing
  • LESSON T24 - Strategies to collect PMO stakeholders' expectations
  • LESSON T25 - Advanced analysis of collected expectations and suggested functions
  • LESSON T26 - Strategies to define/review the PMO functions
  • LESSON T27 - How to identify consulting opportunities from the set of functions selected for the PMO
  • LESSON T28 - Advanced analysis of value perception creation over time
  • LESSON T29 - Best practices for designing and improving PMO processes
  • LESSON T30 - Creating a model to monitor the PMO performance
  • LESSON T31 - Assessing and planning competencies required for the PMO
  • LESSON T32 - How to identify training opportunities from PMO competence assessment gaps
  • LESSON T33 - Advanced practices to define the PMO headcount
  • LESSON T34 - Strategies to evaluate the PMO maturity
  • LESSON T35 - Analyzing the PMO maturity influence over the PMO processes, performance indicators, and goals
  • LESSON T36 - How to identify consulting and training opportunities from the PMO maturity assessment gaps
  • LESSON T37 - Advanced practices for measuring the PMO value, strategic contribution, and stakeholders' satisfaction
  • LESSON T38 - Calculating the PMO ROI and analyzing the results



(Necessary for the optional PMO-CC Challenge Assessment)



10 hours 

  • LESSON B1 - Connecting the Dots: Strategy, Marketing, and Sales
  • LESSON B2 - The Basics of the Consulting Business: Specialization
  • LESSON B3 - The risks of Specialization and how to overcome them
  • LESSON B4 - Establishing a Consulting Business: Do I need partners?
  • LESSON B5 - How Partners can be beneficial to your Consulting Business
  • LESSON B6 - How to attract great partners
  • LESSON B7 - Exploring the most relevant Consulting Services Models
  • LESSON B8 - Examples of how to mix Consulting Services Models
  • LESSON B9 - Defining the name of your business consulting firm
  • LESSON B10 - How to define the perfect Internet domain for your business
  • LESSON B11 - Tips on the best platforms for building and maintaining a winning website
  • LESSON B12 - How to design winning consulting services and products
  • LESSON B13 - Understanding how Consulting Clients Buy
  • LESSON B14 - Marketing Strategies for Consulting Services: Outbound and Inbound Marketing
  • LESSON B15 -Marketing Strategies for Consulting Services: Permission Marketing
  • LESSON B16 - How to create and manage an inbound marketing trust funnel
  • LESSON B17 - Developing top of the funnel strategies
  • LESSON B18 - Developing middle of the funnel strategies
  • LESSON B19 - Developing bottom of the funnel strategies
  • LESSON B20 - How to Establish a Lead Nurturing Strategy



10 hours

  • LESSON S1 - The Consultant’s ethics
  • LESSON S2 - How CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can help you to do business
  • LESSON S3 - How Marketing Automation can help you to do business
  • LESSON S4 - How to segment your clients
  • LESSON S5 - Organic and Paid Marketing
  • LESSON S6 - Developing Social Media Marketing strategies
  • LESSON S7 - How LinkedIn can help you to build a reputation and make more business
  • LESSON S8 - How to manage your Personal LinkedIn profile
  • LESSON S9 - What makes a global influencer on LinkedIn
  • LESSON S10 - How to manage your company’s page on LinkedIn
  • LESSON S11 - How to boost your company’s influence on LinkedIn
  • LESSON S12 - How portfolio management can be useful for your consulting business
  • LESSON S13- Upselling and Cross-selling strategies for consulting services
  • LESSON S14 - How to sell when you hate selling
  • LESSON S15 - Building business relationships and networking
  • LESSON S16 - How to prioritize your prospects
  • LESSON S17 - Understanding the Client Journey
  • LESSON S18 - Understanding the Consulting Services Categories
  • LESSON S19 - How to create winning consulting proposals
  • LESSON S20 - Understanding how to define your consulting fees
  • LESSON S21 - How to calculate and manage your consulting rates
  • LESSON S22 - How to increase your consulting rates
  • LESSON S23 - How to handle objections and close the deal
  • LESSON S24 - What you need to close a deal
  • LESSON S25 - How to get and manage referrals
  • LESSON S26 - How to design and launch your Referral and Affiliate Program
  • LESSON S27 - How to build your own community.



6 hours

  • LESSON C1 - Is consulting the right career for you?
  • LESSON C2 - External and internal consultants: how different they are
  • LESSON C3 - Uncovering the consultant career path
  • LESSON C4 - Moving from industry to consulting and from employee to entrepreneur
  • LESSON C5 - How to get started in consulting
  • LESSON C6 - How to assess your skills and identify gaps
  • LESSON C7 - How to develop your consulting career plan
  • LESSON C8 - How to build and manage your personal brand and reputation
  • LESSON C9 - How to build authority as a consultant
  • LESSON C10 - How to become a public speaker