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The Step-by-Step to Make Your PMO Generate Value and Thrive


Join over 20,000 PMO leaders in 90+ countries using the
PMO Value Ring stakeholder-driven methodology to make
their Project Management Offices successful.


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The Most Practical and Widely Adopted PMO Methodology in the World


The PMO VALUE RING© methodology results from a 7-year research project developed by the PMO Global Alliance in collaboration with 122 seasoned PMO leaders from different countries.

The methodology provides a structured step-by-step to set up new PMOs or assess and redesign existing PMOs. Its optional web tool automates the methodology and provides access to a powerful database with the collective intelligence and experience of the global PMO community.

The PMO Global Alliance Certification Program is grounded in the PMO Value Ring® methodology and counts on 5,000+ PMO-CP® (PMO Certified Practitioner) credential holders around the world.







The Mindset Behind the Methodology

One Size doesn't Fit All

Forget pre-established PMO models and focus on creating a flexible PMO that fully fits your organization's needs.

It's All About Value

Generate value perception for the PMO stakeholders, it's the most effective way to make the PMO thrive.

PMOs are Service Providers

PMOs exist to serve their clients, meeting expectations, and delivering expected benefits.

PMOs must deserve Sponsorship

Lack of sponsorship is usually not the cause but the consequence of the failure of many PMOs.

Adaptation is a Key to Survival

Be ready to rethink and reconfigure your PMO any time a significant organizational change arises.

How the PMO Value Ring Methodology Works

1. Identifying the warning signs

Find out how to identify the pieces of evidence that show you must urgently rethink your PMO.

2. Understanding clients' expectations and pains

Learn a practical and extensively tested method to map the PMO clients' expectations and needs.

3. Analyzing needs and setting the PMO priorities

Learn how to analyze PMO Customers' priorities in-depth and understand the risks.

4. Accessing the PMO community's intelligence

Get recommendations from our global database, directing the PMO to what really matters.

5. Defining the PMO functions and balancing the value generation

Understand how to define the PMO's functions mix and how to make it fit the client's needs.

6. Establishing the PMO processes and aligning expectations

Learn how to define the PMO processes and align them with clients' expectations.

7. Establishing the PMO performance indicators and service levels

Get access to dozens of exclusive performance indicators to the PMO's functions.

8. Reviewing the PMO headcount and improving competencies

Learn how to define the PMO team and make action plans for the identified gaps.

9. Assessing and planning the PMO maturity evolution

Plan the evolution of the PMO maturity and how it will increasingly generate value.

10. Running the PMO and monitoring the generated value

Find out how to operate the PMO and generate results, monitoring strategic indicators.

11. Measuring and revealing the value of the PMO

Understand how to advance the PMO and measure the clients' value perception.

12. Being recognized and starting a new assessment cycle

Learn how to boost customers' perception of value and prepare for the next assessment cycle.

Try the PMO Value Ring Web Tool

The PMO Value Ring Web Tool automates the methodology and provides access to the exclusive database with the collective intelligence of our global PMO community.

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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It's Time to Get Certified
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The PMO Global Alliance Certification Program is grounded on the PMO Value Ring methodology and provides two international credentials: the PMO-CP (PMO Certified Practitioner) and the PMO-CC (PMO Certified Consultant) credentials.


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The PMO Value Ring methodology and its web tool can create countless new business opportunities for our Accredited Partners around the World.

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