The PMOUNCON Experience
at a Glance 

We designed PMOUNCON as a holistic experience rather than a one-off event because we recognize that engagement, personalization, collaboration, continuous learning, and community-building are essential.

Just as in the world of 'Customer Experience', these principles turn a 'transaction' into a relationship, a passive attendee into an active participant, and an ephemeral event into an ongoing journey.

The four stages of PMOUNCON are not merely sequential phases; they are integral parts of a thoughtfully designed concept of 'Attendee Experience' that resonates with the real life challenges and needs of the global PMO community.

At PMOUNCON, every interaction is designed to provide value, enhancing both the individual and collective experience.

Enjoy the experience!

The PMOUNCON Experience at a Glance

November 1 and 2 - @ PMOGA Virtual Event Platform


The first stage allows attendees to shape and co-create the agenda, reflecting the principle of customer co-creation in experience design.

By involving attendees  in detailing the main unconference topics and designing the session agendas, they become invested stakeholders. It turns the unconference into a personalized learning path where attendees have a say in what they want to explore and understand.

This way, the primary goal of the first stage is to enable attendees to shape the agenda, breaking down the six main unconference topics into items that will be addressed by facilitators during the unconference discussion sessions, which will take place during stage 3 in Paris.

The sessions at this stage will take place online on PMOGA's virtual event platform, which attendees will have access to starting in November. On this platform, attendees will not only participate in discussion sessions but also utilize available features to interact with one another.

Experienced and skilled facilitators will lead these sessions, encouraging attendees to contribute their ideas, suggestions, challenges, and questions. These contributions will tailor the discussion agenda for all unconference sessions during the in-person meeting in Paris.

At the end of this stage, we will have collaboratively designed the detailed agendas for each main topic, based on the genuine interests, demands, and needs of our attendees.

The interactive discussion sessions will be repeated at two different times to allow our attendees from various time zones to participate.

November 15 and 16 - @ PMOGA Virtual Event Platform


This stage is designed to amplify the learning experience by offering diverse and engaging content tailored to attendees' interests and needs. Through a guided exploration, they will uncover new insights and perspectives that not only deepen their understanding but also inspire innovative thinking.

The primary goal of the second stage is to broaden and deepen your knowledge in the topics of your interest, which will maximize the effectiveness of your participation during stage 3 in Paris, where a high level of interactivity is expected.

In this stage, you will be able to attend carefully selected online 50-minute sessions and 2.5-hour live workshops led by seasoned PMO professionals and experts from around the world. They will bring insightful ideas and valuable knowledge, providing new perspectives to inspire you to formulate your own questions to be discussed in Paris.

Each main topic will be covered by six sessions and two workshops, ensuring that you and your peers gain a broad perspective on each theme, from various viewpoints, approaches, and real-life experiences.

Remember that even if you can't attend all the sessions and workshops, don't worry. All of this content will be recorded, and you will have access to it for three months.

December 4 and 5 - @ Sorbonne Université in Paris


The third stage is the heart of PMMOUNCON. It brings the global PMO community to Paris, fostering collaboration and network-building in an inspiring setting.

This stage emphasizes human connection and collaborative learning, allowing attendees to delve into the main topics shaped by their peers, facilitated by seasoned professionals. It's about forming connections that last, further enriching the PMOUNCON experience.

During the 3-hour unconference discussion sessions, you will delve into the unconference main topics detailed agenda, which was tailored by you and your fellow peers based on real-life challenges. The main topics  to be covered are:

  1. How to make the PMO a Strategic Enabler to Deliver Business Value.
  2. How to Ensure Benefits Realization in Portfolio Decision-Making.
  3. How to Unveil the True Value of the PMO for the C-Level.
  4. How to Design an AI-Powered PMO and Leverage Emerging Technologies.
  5. How to Unlock Business Transformation and Innovation with the PMO.
  6. How to Enable Organizational Agility Through the PMO.

Seasoned facilitators will lead these insightful sessions, fostering an environment where experiential exchange and collaborative learning form the foundation of every discussion.

Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to attend special keynote sessions, presented by prominent global speakers, and meet the best and most influential PMOs and PMO professionals in the world during the PMO Global Awards ceremony.

January 24 and 25 - @ PMOGA Virtual Platform


The final stage encapsulates the principle of creating lasting value and community in customer experience.

It's not about ending the journey but reflecting on it and finding ways to continue the engagement, ensuring that the experience doesn’t end with the event but evolves into a lasting relationship.

In the fourth stage of the PMOUNCON Experience, you will participate in 90-minute online sessions where the facilitators responsible for each main topic will share and discuss the key points raised in Paris.

They will consolidate the results of collective learning, presenting the most valuable lessons that could shape the future of PMOs. These insights will guide your decisions and pave the way for your career growth as a PMO practitioner or expert.

All conclusions will be documented in articles that will be sent to the attendees, allowing you to amplify the learning gained from this fantastic experience with your peers and local community.

Lastly, we will encourage the establishment of working groups to continue developing many of the ideas that will emerge from our unconference, creating solutions that can contribute to the entire global community of PMOs.

Again, the debriefing sessions will be repeated at two different times to accommodate our attendees in various time zones. Additionally, all sessions will be recorded, and you will have access to them for three months.