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2022 PMO Global Awards Ceremony:
November 3rd, 2022, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Meet the 2022 Finalists

PMOGA Excellence Distinctions

Excellence Distinctions are distinguished honors presented to nominees who have demonstrated exceptional performance in different domains that are key to a PMO's success. They are critical in highlighting the strengths and specialized skills of PMOs, including those that do not advance to the final rounds of the global competition.

These distinctions honor a diverse range of organizations that have made significant progress in their PMOs, highlighting the various and prominent efforts to generate effective value for their organizations.

This inclusive recognition method encourages and inspires PMOs worldwide by demonstrating many paths to achievement.

In 2024, a total of 16 PMOs that have demonstrated extraordinary performance in domains critical to their success will be presented with Excellent Distinctions in different domains, as follows:



The PMO has shown remarkable excellence in guiding the organization through the nuances of Agile & Hybrid Strategies, demonstrating a mastery in combining the flexibility of Agile with the structure of traditional project management approaches. Its strategic vision has been pivotal in customizing frameworks to the unique contours of each project, ensuring that methodologies are adopted and adapted to enhance value delivery. The PMO's commitment to Agile principles has fostered a culture of rapid response to change and iterative progress.


The PMO has demonstrated exceptional proficiency and leadership in supporting business transformation initiatives, exhibiting a comprehensive understanding of both the strategic and operational aspects of change. The PMO's ability to manage complex, cross-functional projects has facilitated the seamless integration of new processes, technologies, and cultural shifts. It has been instrumental in fostering an environment conducive to change, encouraging innovation, and facilitating effective communication across all levels of the organization.


The PMO has distinguished itself through exceptional leadership in fostering collaborative practices within the organization. Implementing effective collaboration tools and methodologies has significantly enhanced the synergy between cross-functional teams, ensuring that diverse expertise and perspectives contribute to innovative solutions. This collaborative approach has driven successful project outcomes, enhanced problem-solving capabilities, and cultivated a culture that values and leverages the power of working together towards common goals.


The PMO has fostered open, transparent, and effective communication channels, ensuring all stakeholders are informed and engaged throughout the projects' lifecycles. Its adeptness at understanding and managing diverse stakeholder expectations has been critical in aligning interests and driving project success. The PMO not only mitigated risks but also enhanced collaboration and trust between parties. By navigating the complexities of stakeholder dynamics, the PMO has ensured that decision-making is inclusive, timely, and reflective of the project's goals.


The PMO has been a cornerstone in the organization's professional growth and skill enhancement in project, program, and portfolio management. Its strategic approach to identifying and nurturing talent has been exemplary, ensuring that individual competencies are aligned with organizational needs and goals. It has created comprehensive development programs that cater to diverse learning styles and professional paths, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability. The PMO's leadership has been instrumental in cultivating a high-performance environment.


The PMO has excelled in fostering significant Community Impact within the organization and across regional, national, and global landscapes. Its visionary approach has been instrumental in embedding community-centric values into the DNA of project management practices. Their commitment to creating a positive community impact has resonated beyond the immediate organizational boundaries, inspiring and influencing the broader project management community through collaborative networks,  thought leadership and experience sharing.


The PMO has been pivotal in developing and implementing inclusive policies and practices that celebrate and leverage diversity in all its forms. By actively promoting an environment where every individual feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives, the PMO has significantly enhanced creativity, problem-solving, and decision-making across the organization. It has been a key advocate for equality, ensuring that opportunities for growth and development are accessible to all, regardless of background, identity, or ability.


The PMO has proven to be an exceptional guardian of innovation, masterfully orchestrating the organization's innovation projects while also pioneering internal advancements in its own practices and approaches. It has continuously refined its methodologies, adopting agile techniques and leveraging data analytics to enhance decision-making processes. The PMO's dual role in external project guidance and internal process enhancement has fostered a culture where continuous improvement is the norm and groundbreaking solutions are standard.


The PMO has diligently overseen knowledge management across projects, programs, and portfolios. It has instituted a comprehensive process that meticulously captures critical insights, lessons learned, and best practices from the project lifecycle, ensuring this valuable knowledge is accessible and actionable. It has been pivotal in preserving the organization's collective expertise and ensuring it is effectively utilized, fostering a knowledge-rich environment that empowers decision-making and strategic thinking at all levels of project management.


The PMO has been the cornerstone of excellence in developing and refining methodologies and processes for project, program, and portfolio management. Its expertise has been instrumental in crafting a suite of robust and flexible methodologies tailored to unique challenges and goals. It has standardized processes that ensure consistency and efficiency while maintaining the agility to adapt to evolving project demands. The PMO's methodological and process innovation role has driven and enhanced the organization's project management capabilities.


The PMO has exemplified exceptional leadership in Organizational Change Management within projects and programs. Its strategic foresight has been instrumental in foreseeing and navigating the complexities of change, ensuring that transitions are not only smooth but also sustainable. It has excelled in supporting comprehensive change management strategies that address both the human and technical aspects of change, enabling the organization to embrace change and ensuring projects' objectives are met with minimal resistance and maximum buy-in.


The PMO has been skillfully supporting the alignment of the organization's project portfolio with its strategic objectives. It has established a comprehensive framework for selecting and prioritizing projects to optimize resource allocation and balance risk across the portfolio. Its strategic oversight extends to continuous portfolio performance monitoring and evaluation, ensuring that each project contributes to the overall business goals. The PMO has been tracking the realization of the intended benefits throughout the project lifecycle and beyond.


The PMO excels in Portfolio and Project Governance, offering strategic guidance and oversight to align projects with organizational goals. It has implemented effective governance frameworks, policies, standards, and procedures to ensure consistency, transparency, and accountability. It balances flexibility and control, enabling adherence to strategic and compliance directives. It has fostered a culture of disciplined execution and responsible management, ensuring the portfolio consistently adds value and aligns with the organization's long-term strategy.


The PMO has demonstrated exceptional expertise in ensuring Strategic Alignment between the organization's strategy portfolio, programs, and projects. The PMO's commitment to aligning every facet of projects with the overarching strategy has resulted in a cohesive and synchronized approach to execution. By consistently reinforcing strategic alignment, the PMO has enabled the organization to navigate change, seize opportunities, and maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic business environment, enhancing project and portfolio success.


The PMO has demonstrated outstanding leadership in promoting and integrating environmental, social, and economic sustainability considerations into project planning and execution. It has consistently advocated for the adoption of sustainable methodologies and practices, ensuring that projects not only deliver immediate results but also contribute to long-term environmental conservation and social responsibility. The PMO's commitment to sustainability extends beyond project boundaries, fostering a culture of environmental consciousness.


The PMO has consistently excelled in delivering exceptional value to the organization and has garnered strong recognition and support from C-level leadership for its critical relevance and importance. The PMO's approach to value delivery is marked by its unwavering commitment to ensuring that each initiative contributes directly to the bottom line. This commitment has garnered recognition from C-level executives, establishing the PMO as a key strategic partner in driving the organization's success.