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PMO-CP Certification Process (English)



What You'll Get:

  • On-Demand PMO-CP© Certification Online Prep Course (English).
  • Proctored PMO-CP© Online Exam First Attempt (English).
  • PMO-CP© Candidates' Online Community.
  • 90-day term to schedule and take your proctored PMO-CP© Online Exam.

Not Included:

  • Proctored PMO-CP© Online Exam Second Attempt (English). Additional Fee Payment Required: 150 USD.
  • 90-day term extension to schedule and take the PMO-CP© Online Exam. Additional Fee Payment Required: 150 USD.

Special Bonus:

  • Optional Free Access to our exclusive PMO-CP© Students' Online Community.

Important Note:

  • If the candidate miss the deadline of 90 days from the registration date to take the exam, it is possible to purchase a new 90-day period of eligibility by paying an additional fee. If you need to buy this extension, please contact us.
  • However, remember that you must complete your certification process within one year of the registration date. Otherwise, you will be considered to have dropped out, your certification process will be canceled, and you'll need to register again to start the process from scratch.



Total Video Time: 7h:02min:42sec

Estimated Total Study Time: 21h

Starting Your Journey (6:47)
  • Welcome to the PMO-CP© Certification Course (6:47)
  • About Your Instructor
  • Courses Objectives and Outline
  • PMO VALUE RING© Presentations Files
Everything You MUST Know Before Starting the Certification Process
  • About the PMO-CP© Proctored Exam
  • How to Schedule the PMO-CP© Proctored Exam
  • How to Take the PMO-CP© Proctored Exam
  • Pre-Exam Checklist
  • About Your PMO-CP© Certificate
  • How to Submit this Course to PMI and Earn PDUs
  • Next Steps After Earning Your PMO-CP© Credential
What, Why and How (17:38)
  • The PMO VALUE RING© Methodology and Its Objectives (4:55)
  • When and How You Should Use the Methodology (6:21)
  • About the PMO VALUE RING© Web Tool (6:22)
  • Test Your Knowledge with Sample Questions  
The PMO VALUE RING© Essentials (37:02)
  • The PMO as a Service Provider (17:20)         
  • The Stakeholder-Oriented PMO (11:24)
  • The Perception of Value Concept (8:18)
  • Test Your Knowledge with Sample Questions
Step 1 - Collecting Stakeholders' Expectations (1:06:22)
  • Understanding PMO Stakeholders' Expectations (10:14)
  • The PMO Potential Functions and Benefits (4:43)
  • The 26 Potential Functions of a PMO
  • The 30 Potential Benefits of a PMO
  • How to Collect the PMO Stakeholders' Benefits Expectations (13:03)
  • How to Identify the PMO Priority Functions (15:05)
  • Tips on How to Collect Stakeholders' Expectation Using the PMOVR Web Tool (23:17)
  • Test Your Knowledge with Sample Questions

Step 2 - Defining and Balancing the PMO Mix of Functions (56:57)

  • Understanding How to Select the PMO Functions (8:38)
  • Balancing the PMO Potential of Generating Perception of Value Over Time (15:40)
  • Understanding the EAI (Expectations Adherence Indicator) (14:43)
  • Understanding the BAI (Benefit Adherence Indicator) (17:56)
  • Test Your Knowledge with Sample Questions
Steps 3 and 4 - Establishing the PMO Processes and Measuring Performance (50:56)
  • Establishing the PMO Processes (17:54)
  • Examples of PMO Processes
  • How to Measure the PMO Functions Performance (19:19)
  • Tips on How to Define PMO Performance Indicators Using the PMOVR Web Tool (13:43)
  • Test Your Knowledge with Sample Questions
Step 5 - Defining the PMO Headcount and Competencies (68:32)
  • Understanding the PMO Competence Model (10:28)
  • The 10 PMO Competencies and Their 4 Levels of Proficiency
  • Assessing the PMO Members Competencies (8:46)
  • Understanding the CAI (Competence Adherence Indicator) (17:21)
  • Tips on How to Assign Team Members to the PMO Functions Using the PMOVR Web Tool (12:07)          
  • How to Define the PMO Headcount (19:50)
  • Test Your Knowledge with Sample Questions
Step 6 - Assessing the PMO Maturity and Planning Its Evolution (50:44)
  • Understanding the Organizational Project Management Maturity Concept (8:46)
  • Understanding the PMO Maturity Concept (18:15)
  • Examples of Functions Project Maturity Levels
  • How to Assess the PMO Maturity (7:23)
  • Tips on How to Assess the PMO Maturity Using the PMOVR Web Tool (6:00)
  • Comparing Maturity Levels Between Organizations (10:20)
  • Test Your Knowledge with Sample Questions
Step 7 - Calculating the PMO ROI (Return On Investment (42:17)
  • PMO ROI Model Essential Concepts and Assumptions (11:36)
  • How to Calculate the PMO ROI (18:31)
  • How the PMO Maturity and the PMO Competencies Impact the PMO ROI (12:10)
  • Test Your Knowledge with Sample Questions

Step 8 - Establishing the PMO Balanced Scorecard (9:15)

  • Creating the PMO Balanced Scorecard (9:15)
  • Test Your Knowledge with Sample Questions
Course Wrap Up (16:12)
  • Reviewing the PMO-CP© Exam Topics (11:49)
  • Final Recommendations and Tips for the Exam (5:23)