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Frequent Asked Questions on Membership

Membership Types Benefits

Access Resources and Tools for PMO Professionals
Free access to the PMO Global Awards® Knowledge Base with dozens of videos with real world-class PMO cases.
Free access to the PMOGA members-only online community.
PMO Value Ring® web tool full annual subscription. 50% discount
(SAVE US$ 4.000)

(*PMO-CP certification required)
Early access to new resources and tools: PMOFLIX™ streaming channel and Benchmarking Matchmaking™ service (Coming Soon).
Get Knowledge and Build Skills
Free registration in the PMO Value Ring® Essentials online course (SAVE US$ 39).
Early access to new resources: PMO Insights™ digital monthly magazine and the PMO University (Coming Soon).
Get Involved in the Community
Eligibility for engagement opportunities. Standard Community Standard and Premium Community
Eligibility to apply to present at PMOGA Country Hubs’ events.
Eligibility to participate in special PMOGA committees (e.g., PMO Global Awards Judging Committee).
Eligibility to apply to present at PMOGA’s world events.
Attend Community Events
PMOGA’s world events registration fees 20% Discount 40% Discount
PMOGA Country Hubs’ local events registration fees 40% Discount 80% Discount
Be Recognized for your Contributions
Receive badges in recognition of your participation in engagement opportunities.
Eligibility for the PMOGA Volunteer of the Year Award.
Eligibility for the PMOGA Fellow Award.
Bonus on all engagement points earned when you get involved in engagement opportunities. 10% Bonus
Recognition on the exclusive Prime Members page on the PMOGA website.
Early access to new resources: PMOGA Rewards Store (Coming Soon).
Get Certified
Discount on the PMO-CP® certification process 10% Discount
(SAVE US$ 60)
Early access to new certifications: PMO-CC® (PMO Certified Consultant) (Coming Soon).
Lead the Community
Eligibility for community leadership opportunities at the country level.
Eligibility for community leadership opportunities at a global level.
Eligibility for community executive opportunities at a global level.
Promote Your Events
Eligibility to establish event partnerships with PMOGA for your events.
Eligibility to promote your event for free on the PMO Events Hub PMOGA website (SAVE $$).
Eligibility to have your event posted for free on PMOGA social media (SAVE $$).
Promote Yourself or Your Business
Eligibility for your social media posts to be republished free of charge on PMOGA social media (SAVE $$).
PMOGA advertising agreements 10% Discount
PMOGA sponsorship agreements 10% discount
Eligibility to establish business partnerships with PMOGA.