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The 2021 PMO Global Awards has been launched and it's time to apply

news pmo global awards Jan 13, 2021

The Nomination Stage of the World's largest and more prestigious awards for PMOs and PMO professionals has been opened and organizations and individuals can already submit their applications. The deadline to submit entries is April 30th, 2021.

The fourth edition of the PMO Global Awards will give ten different awards in 2021, recognizing five of the best PMOs in the World and other five world-class professionals in PMOs.

The recipients of last year's edition were:

  • 2020 World PMO of the Year - Dubai Customs (United Arab Emirates)
  • 2020 Africa PMO of the Year - Shoprite (South Africa)
  • 2020 Asia-Pacific PMO of the Year - Dubai Customs (United Arab Emirates)
  • 2020 Europe PMO of the Year - Itera (Ukraine)
  • 2020 The Americas PMO of the Year - Banco Ficohsa (Honduras)
  • 2020 PMO Leader of the Year - Badr Burshaid (Saudi Arabia)
  • 2020 PMO Influencer of the Year - Peter Taylor (United Kingdom)
  • 2020 PMOGA Fellow - Monique Aubry (Canada) and Brian Hobbs (Canada)
  • 2020 PMOGA Lifetime Contribution - Ginger Levin (United States) in memorian and Paul C. Dinsmore (United States) in memorian
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